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Monte Vista High School

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    Let's Talk!  

    Step 1-  Student talks with Teacher

    Step 2  Student and Parent talks with Teacher

    Step 3  Student and Parent talks with Counselor 

    Step 4  Student and Parent talks with Teacher, Counselor and Assistant Principal 

    Step 5  Student and Parent meets with Teacher, Counselor, Assistant Principal and Principal

    What is your passion? What do you want to do for a career? Do you know what it means to be College and Career Ready? Can you have a successful career without college? Find the answers to all of these questions and more on our district College and Career Readiness webpage. You will also find information on Career Technology Education (CTE) and CollegeConnect programs.

    Visit the Monte Vista College and Career Website 

    Visit the SRVUSD College & Career webpages. 

    If you have arranged a doctor's appointment or other meeting for your student, the attendance office requires your help so that you may pick up your child with no disturbance to the classroom they are leaving. 

    Call the Attendance Office ahead of time, up to 9 a.m. the day of the appointment.  Your student then must come to the front office before school, at brunch, or lunch to obtain an off-campus pass based on the information you leave on the attendance line. 

    A - G partial and all day - 925-552-2890

    H - O partial and all day - 925-552-2806

    P - Z  partial and all day - 925-552-2817


    To arrange an early pick-up provide information as follows: 

    • student’s legal name (please spell it out) -- no nicknames, please
    • student’s ID #
    • grade
    • reason for absence
    • date(s) of absence
    • the time you will pick up your student
    • your name and relationship

    Your student will show their pass to the classroom teacher, exit the class at the designated time, and then sign out in the front office before leaving campus.  Students cannot leave their classroom without a pass.  If a student leaves campus without signing out in the front office, it is considered a cut.  

    Please Review the following Safety Rules:

    BY-LAW:  Fire Lanes Must Be Clear At All Times.  Not to be used for pick-up, drop off or parking.  This is considered a civil code violation.



    • We have closed off the parking lot by off the horseshoe to all drop-off traffic. ONLY VEHICLES DISPLAYING A CURRENT STAFF PARKING PASS will be allowed to enter this area.  This is not a visitor parking area or drop off zone.  
    • Visitor parking spots are located in the front 2 rows of the lot by the large gym.  
    • To park, students and visitors should enter the school at the signal.  
    • Additionally, parents and students should not be using the fire lane blocking the exit lane(s).   This fire lane is meant for emergency vehicles and quick exit of traffic from the lot.  


    • Pedestrians should always use a crosswalk to cross streets and driveways.
    • Students should remove headphones and listen and look both ways before crossing streets.
    • Vehicles should follow all posted traffic rules, including speed limits, no cell phones, and turning prohibitions. 
    • After drop off, Vehicles should continue to move through drop off zone allowing others to move in to drop off their students.  
    • PEDESTRIANS Always have the right of way.
    • U-Turns are illegal from the exit to entrance of horseshoe.  

    Our main goal is to ensure safe travel for students to school each day whether that be on foot, by car or via bicycle.  THANK YOU for your attention to these details as you visit Monte Vista High School.  Have a wonderful day and Happy New Year!



    About Our School

    About Us

    gold ribbon schoolWelcome to Monte Vista High School- a comprehensive, National Blue Ribbon and California Gold Ribbon school.  MVHS is a fully WASC-accredited, 9-12 public school of more than 2500 students. The school is located in the Town of Danville, in the San Ramon Valley, approximately 35 miles east of San Francisco.

    Mission Statement:  Monte Vista believes that meaningful education is a shared responsibility involving students, staff, family and community.  We value a safe, inclusive, fulfilling, and diverse environment in which students are challenged to achieve their highest potential as ethical, resilient, and engaged citizens. 

    Established in 1965.