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Parents Locker
7/26/19 11:04 AM

Mustang Parents

Monte Vista Class Parents

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Class 2020 Seniors:  Paula Kenny
Class of 2021 Juniors - Deb Plafker /
Class of 2022 Soph:  Bridgit Pelley
Class of 2023 Frosh:  Candace Horton & Molly Salzetti 

Monte Vista Q&A    


How do I pick up a….

Yearbook pickups at Bookkeeping windows 8am – 4pm daily. 

Textbook pickups at WSC 111 windows on Tues,Wed,Thurs 3:30-5:00pm. 
curbside pickups if pre arranged with Librarian Julie Garrahan 
Planner pickups at the Bookkeeping windows 8am – 4pm daily. 

Tech Device pickups at Attendance windows 8am -4pm daily. 
Jr Prom photo pickups at Attendance windows 8am -4pm daily. 



Dr. Ahern answers your questions.    CLICK HERE


How can I reach a teacher without School Loop?  Check out the Staff Directory under the School tab on the MV Website.  There are pictures and email links to each staff member. 


My student is having trouble logging into Zoom.  Who do I reach out to for help?  If you are having trouble logging into zoom, follow these steps....  


Is there leniency for attendance due to tech issues?  Yes.  Please reach out to the attendance office to record absences and the reasons


Will the Bell Schedule remain when students return to school?  The current schedule is designed for remote learning and a transition to hybrid or on campus learning and will remain at least for the first semester.  Any changes are due to Board level decisions and negotiations. 


What is the policy on cell phone use for remote learning?  Teachers are using the cell phone as a tool but teachers usually include another option as well. 


Can Monte Vista schedule SAT on campus?  Not at this timeThe SAT is managed by College Board.  In addition please keep in mind UC and Cal State schools are no longer requiring it for admissions. 


Are there plans to meet with district equity coordinator?  Yes.  We have met with Ashley Gutierrez and are working toward a Monte Vista goal as well as district goals.  Monte Vista has an Equity TSA Carrie Leadingham who is leading our school wide and classroom approach.  We are working to empower students in Affinity Groups as clubs form early in September. 


How can parents keep track of assignments without School Loop?  School Loop is being replaced by a combination of Infinite Campus Parent Portal and Google Classroom.   Use Google Classroom for teacher announcements and assignments.  If more details are needed in Google Classroom please reach out to the teacher to ask for more description in the assignment or have the student articulate it to you directly.   IC Parent Portal will be for grade tracking but is not fully operational at this point.    If you have questions please reach out to the teacher. 


What is the policy on teachers recording lessons?  It is up to the individual teacher who is alert to the learning environment.  


How do I help my child with eye strain due to screen time?   Adjust your devices to night light- it removes the blue light and the eye strain.  Also know that teachers are constructing lessons to have breaks and off screen time.


How do Counselors fix schedules?  Counselors focus on the following changes as priorities:  1- Repair any holes.  2- Graduation requirements.     3- Enter any summer advances or remediation. 4- Senior schedules. 


Why is making a simple schedule change so difficult?  The master schedule is constructed by the student course requests in the Spring.  Counseling also takes into consideration student loads, workstation limits in science, PE limits and courses only offered once per day.  Changing one class could dismantle the student’s entire schedule for the day. 


How can students meeting with their Counselor?  Starting September 1st students can schedule appointments directly with a counselor via a link.  Links will be published on the Counseling Page. 


How can parents meeting with a student’s Counselor?  Parents may email student’s counselor for a phone or virtual appointment.  As always, your student will participate in the meeting.


When and how will Seniors be able to meet with Counselors?  College planning meetings will be scheduled throughout the month of September. 


What is the Annual Update?  Complete the district’s Annual Update on Parent Portal.  CLICK HERE  Please take your time with this because it includes your communication access, emergency contacts, annual releases and more.  For assistance with Annual Update email:


How do we Register?  This year we started Future Fund Registration on 8/11.  Our Staff, Booster groups and teachers appreciate your donations for remote learning.  We look forward to a second event that will include parking passes, activity cards, sports, spiritwear and more. 


How do we get a Parking Pass?  Sales are postponed until the campus reopens.  Plans for the Start Smart CHP program are determined at the district level.  


How do we order a Student Planner?  Through Future Fund Registration.  Pick up will be along with the textbook distribution.  If you missed this step please stop by the Bookkeeper window from 8-4 any school day. 


I have a student athlete eager to participate.  What can I do now?  Sports are delayed and determined by CIF.  The adjusted starts are posted on the MV athletic website and participation forms will be collected at that time.


How do I collect a textbook?  Textbooks and planners are being distributed by grade and alpha.   Textbook  Students will use their Student ID cards to check out materials. 


How do I check out a library book?  Look for info from our Librarian.  Details are being worked out for pick up and drop off of materials from the library.  


How do I pickup last year’s yearbook?  Last year’s yearbooks are being distributed from the Yearbook classroom during textbook pickup times. 


How do I receive tech to access online learning? Requests for a chromebook, hotspot or repairs/replacement for  district issued student devices can do so via the Parent IT Help desk webpage and clicking on "Student Device Request" icon.  Orders for MV students are being distributed from the Attendance Office window. 


How does my student receive Free and Reduced Price Meals?  These benefits are arranged through Child Nutrition Services office at 925-824-1808. 


How does Class of 2021 get Senior Portraits?   CLICK HERE  to make an appointment for Creative Imaging Pleasanton studio.  You can also call their office at 925-485-6025. 




Are you looking for a way to support your MV Student?  Here is a list of some suggestions for parents to be engaged on the MV Campus


Dads on Campus:
Speaker series with discussion as more than 50 Dads meet as scheduled.  Series topics are selected to support Dads and their teenage students.    Coordinator is Ryan Meineke 


Parent Teacher Student Association – 10:30am WSC 118 
Parents meet monthly to support MV campus, staff and activities.  Volunteers coordinate programs such as Parent Education and After School Tutoring.  President is Bridget Pelley.


School Site Council-  3:30pm WSC 118
Monthly meetings of Parents, Teachers, Student and Staff help direct funding to MV programs.  The current board positions are filled.  Coordinator is Kristine Sexton. 


Coffee with Kevin-   8:30am WSC 118
Monthly coffee scheduled 8:30am in 118 including presentations by students, faculty departments and time for Q&A with Administration. No RSVP needed.   See you there! 


Academic Boosters-  10am WSC 118    
General Meetings are monthly where parents can learn about current trends in academics at Monte Vista, the school district and more.  Look for evening meetings as well.   President is Joy Lessman. 


Athletic Boosters-  7PM WSC 118
Monthly meetings to support and courage and raise up the Monte Vista athletes.  Fundraising for all Mustang Sports Teams to pay for additional services, support for our teams.  


Parent Education
Watch for Parent Ed Programming to enhance your parenting knowledge and experience. Several events are planned for the near future including movie screenings, educational presentations, and round table discussions with Parents as the focus audience.