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Class of 2021

You are receiving this email to let you know that your Naviance log in has changed, due to increased security measures.

We are now using a SingleSignOn software called, "Clever."

Login instructions: 

  1. In a web browsser, go to
  2. Log in with your full district email address. (e.g.,
  3. Your password, is your district password
  4. Click on the Student Applications in the bar located at the bottom of the screen.  (If the webpass missing screen pops us, click cancel).
  5. Next, click on the Naviance tile
  6. You will automatically be logged into Naviance (this will take a moment) using the Clever software.

Your old login information is no longer valid.

I have also attached an instruction page (with visuals) for how to log in as well.

The best will not have to remember your Naviance log in and password any longer....with Clever it simplifies the log in process through the SRVUSD portal.

We hope you enjoy Naviance and all of the college and career planning features is provides.


Take care,

Janelle Mincy

MVHS Counselor

Logging into Naviance with Clever.pdf