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PTSA SCHOLARSHIPS:   Seniors can apply for four $500 Scholarships and also Gary Natali Memorial Scholarships with one $1000 and two $500 awards to graduating students.  Rules, eligibility and application form may be found on the PTSA page under the Parent Tab on our website.  Completed application packets can be sent to Cathy Haberl at or dropped off to Counseling by Friday, April 9th 2019.  Scholarship recipients will be honored at the Senior Inspiration Rally on Wednesday May 22nd


MV Athletic Boosters Scholarships:  Seniors that participated in MV Athletics or heading to the military can apply for up to six (6) $1,000 awards.     Rules, eligibility guidelines, and the application form may be found on the MV Athletic Boosters website 

 Applications are being accepted now and must be received no later than April 8, 2018.     In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Kerry Dailey 

Senior Class of 2019

Congratulations parents of the Class of 2019!  You have guided your student through 12 years of school, and we have been happy to team with you on this journey.  The following details will help you get the rest of the way. 


SENIOR BALL- Saturday, April 27 from 7-11pm @Exploratorium, San Francisco

  • Tickets will be online 3/25 – 4/19 for $110.  Permission slips due by 4/22 @4pm. 
  • Food will include a taco and nacho bar, mac and cheese bar, and desserts.
  • Students are responsible for their own transportation to Ball. 
  • Please help us make sure that alcohol/drugs are not provided at events prior to and after Ball.  Students found in possession of, or under the influence of, alcohol/drugs will work with Administration and SFPD and may lose their right to participate in other senior activities. 
  • IDs will be necessary to enter.  A photo on the phone is acceptable.



SENIOR AWARDS CEREMONY- Wednesday, May 22 from 10:45am – 12:20pm

  • The Awards ceremony provides an opportunity for students and parents to celebrate the end of high school with musical presentations, speeches and awards.
  • The event is in the large gym after Brunch, during third & fourth periods.
  • Students will be recognized for awards & scholarships received during Senior Year. 
  • Awards are presented from Admin, PTSA and Booster Groups. 
  • Important:  Awards listed in the program are submitted through a survey posted in April.  The list is only as complete as the survey so submit the details. 


SENIOR BBQ- Wednesday, May 22 12:20pm – 1:15pm @ The JV Baseball Field  

  • The Senior BBQ follows the Senior Awards Ceremony on campus and is staffed by ten Senior Parents. Sign up with Senior Class Parent to volunteer.
  • The BBQ is included in the Senior Gold Card.
  • Students without a senior gold card can purchase a BBQ ticket on the webstore for $25.


SENIOR SUNSET- Thursday, May 23 6-9pm @MV Stadium
Seniors started the year with a Senior Sunrise and mark the end with Senior Sunset.  Students bring blankets to sit on the field.  No tickets required and no food provided.   


GRADUATION PRACTICE- Wednesday, May 29, 1pm – 2pm  

  • Seniors bring a lunch to enjoy after finals and before practice. 
  • Meet in the Gym by 1pm to review Graduation expectations and practice plans.
  • Graduating Seniors must attend practice to participate in the Ceremony. 


GRADUATION CEREMONY- Friday, May 31 6pm-7:30, Gates open at 4pm

  • Graduation begins promptly at 6pm in Sam Zackheim Stadium.
  • Gates do not open until 4pm.  At 4pm the seats are on a first come, first served basis with no seats set aside ahead of time.  There are no tickets to attend.
  • By 5pm, Seniors return to pre-assigned rooms dressed in caps and gowns.
  • The following is prohibited:  altering the caps and/or gowns, balloons, beach balls, water guns, or any other device that may interfere with the ceremony.
  • Parking is available in both student lots.  Please park in designated parking stalls only. The horseshoe and staff lot will be closed. 
  • Disabled/Seniors Parking is available in the designated area close to the tennis courts.  Parking in this area requires a Disabled Person Parking Placard.
  • Disabled/Senior Seating:  The disabled seating area is wheelchair accessible and on the field.  Seating is limited to guests with the disabled placard.  .
  • Shuttles:  There are no golf cart shuttles available this year for delivery to the field.  Should your guest need assistance getting from parking to the field please consider bringing a wheelchair. 
  • Please do not bring air horns, noise-making devices, balloons, objects that can obstruct the view of others, beach balls, or other items that can distract from the ceremony. 


GRAD NIGHT Friday, May 31 8pm – 4am 
Grad Night is an all-night, alcohol/drug free event that leaves in buses from horseshoe at 9pm, after Graduation, and is arranged by Senior Parents.

  • After the ceremony, students have time to take family photos, exchange borrowed cap/gown for diploma, change clothes in cars in time to board buses by 8:45pm. 
  • Grad Night packets were distributed to students at registration.  Payment is due by May 1st .  See packet for details. Packets are available in the Attendance Office. 
  • Students will change out of graduation clothing, using the school locker rooms or their cars, into comfortable warm clothing, including closed-toed shoes, sweatshirt, and pants or shorts. All personal items will be left with parents or in cars.
  • When buses return to school parking lot around 3am, arrangements must be made to pick up students. Students will be exhausted and not allowed to drive themselves back home.




CLASS OF 2019- SENIOR SECTION!!  Have you seen the senior page on the website under student tab?   It contains all this info in one spot and is updated as more information becomes available. 


SENIOR CHECK OUT:  Seniors complete a check-out process in May that includes overdue fines, grad credits, final transcripts and more.  In order to participate in Graduation Ceremony, seniors must complete check out from Counseling.  Get it signed off early to avoid lines! 


GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Orders were taken in the Fall and will be distributed by Jostens Tuesday, March 19th during Brunch & Lunch.


SENIOR PANORAMIC PHOTO:  Posters are available at Senior Night.   This senior class poster pic was taken in September and distributed in February.   Also available in webstore for $15 until sold out. 



  • Tryouts will be April 30th (not May 2nd) from 3-5pm in Conference Room 
  • Sign up for the tryouts after April 15th on AP Pagano’s door. 
  • A panel of judges will select the speakers for both ceremonies. 
  • Speeches may not exceed 5 minutes. 
  • In the past we have had both serious and light speeches. 
  • Look for the dates in the bulletin. 


STAMPEDE NEWSPAPER:  If you would like to send a message to your graduating senior we would love to feature it!   Each Send Off is $10 (checks made out to MVHS Journalism and mailed to Monte Vista High School, 3131 Stone Valley Rd).  Please email your messages, your name, and your student’s name to  Thank you!  -Monte Vista Stampede Staff


SENIOR SURVEY AND FINAL TRANSCRIPT REQUEST:  Seniors need to update the status of their college applications, complete the Senior Graduation Survey and submit a final Transcript Request via Naviance.  Due 5/10/19. 



  • Jostens will distribute on 5/20 during Brunch/Lunch in front of the Main Office. 
  • Gowns are ordered by student height and are arranged prior to April with the Attendance Office. 
  • Students renting will need to order a tassel to keep with MV 2019 dangle. 
  • Rental cap/gowns are returned by 7:45pm after the Ceremony in front of Counseling Office.    


LIBRARY BOOKS:  All books/items checked out from the Library must be returned by Friday, May 17thDelay in paying fine or returning books will mean final transcripts will not be sent and diplomas will be held.  


LOST OR OVERDUE BOOKS/TEXTBOOKS:  Have you received an overdue textbook notice?  Delay in paying fine or returning books will hold up your senior check out so get it done.  Delay in paying fine or returning books will mean final transcripts will not be sent and diplomas will be held Ms Phillips is in 520 during brunch/lunch every Monday-Thursday.


CHILD NUTRITION BALANCES   Seniors must pay overdue food services balances before graduation as part of the senior check out.  Seniors may request a refund by contacting Child Nutrition Phone: 925-824-1808.


SENIOR CUT DAY:  There are no school sanctioned Senior Cut Days.  Cuts cost the school money and students lose classroom time.  We have already had several this school year.  Absent students will be marked absent in accordance with the district policy and subject to school rules. 



  • Diplomas are handed to seniors as they exit the stage. 
  • Students who do not receive a diploma need to confirm that all fines and textbook returns have been completed
  • Students that owe Textbook Fines, Child Nutrition Balance or return of Rental Gown/Cap receive diplomas upon receipt of fee and/or rental.    

LOSS OF SENIOR PRIVILEGES:  Any senior suspended from school, disciplined for attendance, or acting inappropriately at any senior activity may be suspended from any senior activities including Graduation. 




Graduation at Monte Vista is a formal event.  Show your pride of what you have accomplished with your graduation from high school.  With that, caps and gowns are to be worn as issued. 

Cap and Gown- Purchase or Rental arranged through Jostens.  If you need to borrow a gown, sign up in the attendance office.  Return the borrowed cap/gown by 8pm after ceremony to receive your diploma. 




Dress shirts

No T-shirts


No Shorts


No Jeans


No Hats

Dress shoes

No Flip-Flops


No Noise Makers

Tie is optional

No Tuxedos

No exterior decorations such as flowers, signs, leis, or anything that might distract from the formal event.



  • Graduation is usually a hot day with seating in the sun - so dress accordingly.
  • Dr. Ahern highly recommends leaving your suit coat at home as it is too hot under the robes. 
  • Students MUST participate in rehearsal if they plan to walk in the ceremony.
  • Students will sit in alphabetical order.
  • Students cannot bring cell phones, beach balls, horns, noisemakers, etc.

Students involved in misbehavior at rehearsal or the ceremonies will be removed from graduation and the diploma mailed (if Senior Checkout is completed).