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Quick Links for Students

STUDENT TECH SUPPORT:  Students use various accounts at Monte Vista.  During Freshmen Orientation there was a presentation that helps walk through the steps.  Download the presentation to learn how to

  • Log into Chromebooks
  • Access their Google Account
  • Change their SRVUSD Network Account Password (incoming student and annual requirement)
  • Self-Register their new Monte Vista School Loop Account


SRVUSD PORTAL AND GOOGLE:   In this new school year, students in grades 10-12 are prompted to change their password the first time logging in to the Library computers, other school/District Windows devices, or the SRVUSD Portal

  • After changing the SRVUSD account password, the student’s Google password will be changed to the same SRVUSD password (synced).  This sync will occur any time a student changes their SRVUSD account password.
  • To change your password Go to the Monte Vista Website  > Students > Quick Links for Students > SRVUSD Account Password Change User Guide if you need more password change instructions

START SMART CLASS FOR PARKING PERMITS:  Students and Parents must attend together a CHP Start Smart Class to be eligible for a school parking permit for the 2019 - 2020 school year. 


NAVIANCE: Find more details under College/Career.   Naviance Student  


Student Network Accounts User Guides & Links


College Connect Application:    Click on the link to download the 7 page application also found on the district website.  

Common Sense Media for Students 

School Loop