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Parking for Students

 Purchase a parking permit for 2018-2019.  

Start Smart information and registration.  


Classes will continue in 2018-2019 for parking pass eligibility in the 2018-19 school year and beyond. Ten classes will be offered for the 2018-2019 school year at all of the SRVUSD high schools. Review your schedules and sign up early to confirm your space. No additional classes will be added once the dates and locations are confirmed.


Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Check-in by 6:45 p.m. Doors close at 7 p.m. No late arrivals accepted, and your space is subject to be released to others at 7 p.m. If the class if full, you are welcome to list for “stand-by,” at the venue that evening for available space. However, admission is not guaranteed.


AT&T’s Texting and Driving Simulator will be available at some locations.


At least one parent must attend with their teen. (Note: The presentation contains graphic “accident” images, which are unsuitable for children under 15 years old.)


IMPORTANT: Students must attend a class at an SRVUSD school to be eligible to apply for a student parking permit.  

Arrive at 6:30 p.m. to try AT&T’s Texting and Driving Simulator

Parking Permit Dates

PARKING PERMITS 2018-2019:  

May 28th- Link to purchase will be posted on website and webstore but webstore not open until June 4th. 

June 4th- Rising Seniors Only

July 28th-Remaining permits will go on sale to Juniors, Carpools and Seniors. 

August 6- August 7 – Pickup permits at Bookkeeper windows with purchase receipt and completed documents.

All purchases should be made on the webstore. 

Parking Permit Info

It’s that time of year to begin thinking about parking permits for the upcoming 2018-19 school
year. Below is the process for obtaining a parking permit. Please read carefully!
Attention! New District Policy

Any student who has NOT attended a Smart Start training and received a certificate of
completion is ineligible for a parking permit. No exceptions.

1. Permits are available for purchase to rising Seniors and rising Juniors ONLY.
2. All MVHS students must hold a valid driver’s license.
3. Students must have attended a district-sponsored Start Smart training and received a
Certificate of Completion.
4. Must supply proof of insurance

Types of Permits
Carpool- Students who obtain a carpool parking permit will have a dedicated parking space for
the school year.

Single Driver- Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis, and students may only park in
student-designated stalls in the student parking lots.

Parking Rules and Regulations
1. Monte Vista High School parking lots are permit only parking lots. Vehicles without
current parking permits will be ticketed.
2. A parking permit is required to park on campus, but having one does not a guarantee a
space, except in carpool spots.
3. Permits may be withdrawn for any violation of the California Vehicle Code on the
MVHS campus, on the way to and from school, or at a school activity.
4. Cars parked in non-designated areas will be subject to towing.
5. Repeated parking violations and/or a failure to comply with school rules may also result
in loss of permit and/or disciplinary action.

How to Apply
Rising Seniors – Purchase in Advance!
Students who will be SENIORS in 2018-2019 may purchase a parking permit between June 4
and July 27 by doing the following:
1. Download the application, print and complete. The completed application must be signed
by the student and the parent.
2. Pay online! Purchase on webstore.

How do I receive my permit?
You may pick up your pre-purchased permit between 8AM and 4PM on August 6 and 7, 2018
from the bookkeeper’s office. Please bring the following:
1. Current valid driver’s license
2. Verification of completion of Start Smart training. Please bring Certificate of Completion.
3. Proof of Insurance
4. Receipt of payment

What if I don’t get an advance permit? What if I am a Rising Junior?
Beginning July 28th, any remaining permits will go on sale and will be available to Juniors,
Carpools and Seniors only. They may be purchased online at the web store or in person at the
bookkeeper’s office (except during Stampede Day – August 8). In order to pick up a permit, a
student must submit an application signed by both the student and the parent and bring
a current, valid driver’s license to the bookkeeper’s office. Payment in August can either be
online or in person.

Students who qualify for and purchase a carpool parking permit will have a designated space in
the parking lot. Download the Application/Rules and Regulations. In order to
qualify, students must fulfill one of two options:
Option 1: Minimum of two licensed drivers
Option 2: One licensed driver and two passengers who attend Monte Vista.
Same rules apply for carpool. You must present the following for all drivers:
1. Current valid driver’s license
2. Verification of completion of Start Smart training
3. Proof of Insurance from ALL parties
4. Receipt of payment