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Attendance Codes 

EXPLANATION OF ATTENDANCE CODES: An absence that has not been cleared by parent/guardian/caregiver changes to “CUT” if not cleared within 48 hours.


School-related activity (Field trips, Leadership, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Theater, Dance, Sports)


Student was meeting with their AP or Counselor


Absence that was not cleared within 48 hours


Class not in session


Early dismissal excused (illness, court, funeral, school activity, etc.)


Early dismissal unexcused (early dismissal due to personal reason)


Excused tardy


Excused absence (funeral, court appearance, college visit, etc.)


Home hospital complete HHN Home hospital incomplete


Absence due to illness or a medical appointment


In-house suspension


Independent study complete


Independent study incomplete


Present in class before suspension




Tardy (tardy due to personal reason not excused per State Ed Code)


Unexcused absence (personal absence not excused per State Ed Code)


Verified present (Student was present for only one period)


Verified tardy (Student was present for only one period, and was marked tardy or excused tardy)


More than 30 minutes tardy (cannot be marked by teachers – let attendance office know).

Attendance Office

Monte Vista Attendance Policy

Please follow the process even during Remote Learning.


Remember, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to correct all absences with the attendance office within two (2) school days. Failure to do so will result in a CUT for each absence.


Students and their parents are responsible to report individual attendance within 48 hours. Please review the attendance policy and adhere to the rules and regulations. It is the policy of SRVUSD that regular attendance and classroom participation are essential to a good education. Therefore, students shall attend and be punctual to all classes and activities to which they are assigned. If a student does not attend class and has not received teacher approval to be working elsewhere, the absence is considered a cut. It is the responsibility of the parent to verify all absences.




Parents/Guardians/Caregivers: If you are calling your student out of school due to illness, please briefly detail symptoms of illness on the attendance line. If any of the symptoms described are identified by the Contra Costa Health Department, refer to the SRVUSD Covid-19 Requirements for the next steps. If you choose not to leave illness details, you will receive an email from the attendance office with additional information. It is our responsibility to maintain the health and safety of our school community and we ask for your cooperation. Your student’s private health information will not be shared beyond administrative or nursing staff. Emails are not permitted to report absences.

Please give the following information:

Student’s legal name (please spell). No nicknames, please!

  • Grade
  • Reason for absence (failure to provide a reason will be marked as unexcused)
  • Date(s) absence 
  • Your name and relationship



It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/caregiver to correct all absences by calling the attendance office within two (2) school days**. Failure to do so will result in a CUT for each absence. Emails are not permitted to report any absences.

**AR 5113 States that all absences which are not cleared within two (2) days after a student's return to school shall be recorded as unexcused (CUT).


Students who are not in the classroom when the bell rings are considered tardy and or absent. Students must always sign in at the front office upon arrival before going to class even if a parent has called in. Failure to complete this form will result in a cut. Parents cannot clear these types of absences. NO EXCEPTIONS. Parents, please report all tardies and or absences.

Unreported absences will automatically turn into CUT per AR 5113.  


A call from parent/guardian/caregiver must be received prior to the student leaving campus. Students must pick up an early release pass prior to the class they are leaving (this gets them out of class). Additionally, students must sign out at the Attendance Office before leaving campus. Failure to complete this form will result in a CUT for any missed classes. Parents/guardians/caregivers cannot clear these cuts. This is a safety policy that is strictly enforced. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

If a student becomes ill while at school (not feeling well, migraine, sick, etc.), he/she must report to the nurse's office immediately. 


Student responsibility for an absence includes

  1. Pick up off campus pass from attendance window prior to class starting.
  2. Show the pass to the teacher before class starts and then leave class at the designated time, sign out at the attendance window before leaving campus. 
  3. Do not leave classroom without a pass.
  4. During on-campus learning, student must sign in/out in the Attendance Office.
  5. If a student leaves campus without signing out in the attendance office, it is considered a CUT.
  6. Make up any assignments per class policy.



Monte Vista High School is a closed campus per SRVUSD Board Policy and therefore students MAY NOT leave the campus during lunchtime. Leaving campus without signing out and a parent call is considered a CUT and recorded in attendance.

A doctor’s note is required as proof of absence for a medical appointment. The note may be faxed directly from the doctor’s office to attendance 925-743-1744.

An absence that has not been cleared by parents/guardians/caregivers changes to “CUT” if not cleared within 48 hours.

All absences, partial or full day, must be cleared within 48 hours of return to school or they will automatically be considered a CUT.


EXCUSED Absences
1. Illness
2. Medical appointments (with a note from doctor’s office)
3. Funeral services (immediate family)
4. Approved, school-related activities
5. Court appearances (with a note from the court)
6. Observation of religious holiday
7. Family emergency
8. Pre-Informed Absences (5 days or more with completed contract)
9. College visits/tours with a note.

Students should work in concert with their teachers to complete all make-up work within a timely and reasonable manner, commensurate with the length of their absence.



To request an Independent Study Contract, a parent/guardian/caregiver must submit a completed form to the Attendance Office. Click here for an Independent Study Request Form. The Independent Study program is available to students who must leave school for 5 or more consecutive school days (AR 6158). This program provides students with the opportunity to maintain their grades and credits for their classes.

  • 5-10 day independent study contract: Must request at least three days in advance
  • 11+ day independent study contract: Must request and contact principal five to ten days in advance


Unexcused Absences include:
Personal/personal business

Out of town/vacations
Non-school related sport events/competitions/tournaments
Car trouble/traffic/carpool issues
Excessive illnesses without a doctor's note
Medical appointments (video or in-person) without doctor's note

1. Cutting/leaving class without permission.
2. Forged phone call or no phone call from parent prior to student leaving campus.
3. Failure to sign in or out of school prior to leaving campus.
4. Failure to clear absence within 48 hours of returning to school.

Repeated offenses may require a parent/guardian/caregiver contact. No make-up of class work is allowed for these reasons.

In addition to the following “drop” procedure students can receive disciplinary action due to cutting classes including work detail, Saturday School, and suspension. This policy is in effect for each semester.

Home teaching: is available for extended illnesses. Contact the attendance office.


Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Contacted by Teacher
Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Contact/Conference
Possible loss of credit


Students are expected to be present in the classroom when the bell rings. An unexcused tardy is defined as being late to class without written notification from a staff member, and cannot be cleared. This policy is in effect for each semester.

1. Verbal warning by teacher
2. Written notice to student/parent/guardian/caregiver by teacher
3. Monday school
4. Suspension/parent/guardian/caregiver contact/contract established



Students should be in attendance through the last day of school, June 2, 2022, to maintain their enrollment status at their current school. Independent study contracts will not be issued the last 10 days of school. All independent Study contract work must be finished and submitted by May 18, 2022 in order for work to be graded and attendance to be recorded.

If your child must leave school earlier than 10 school days (May 18 or earlier) before the last day of school and does not return before the end of the school year, your child may be subject to the following consequences:

  • Incomplete or lowered final grades
  • Review by school/district attendance review board
  • Unenrolled and placed on the waitlist upon re-enrollment, if space is not available.

If your student is unenrolled, there may not be a space at the current school for your student to return in the fall. In this case your student may have to be diverted to another elementary school in the district. Middle and High school students may not be able to access their elective choices if they reenroll upon their return.

Please note:
In accordance with California Education Codes 48205 and 48260, and District Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5113, any student who misses 3 or more school days without a valid excuse, as defined by AR 5113, shall be reported as truant to the District attendance supervisor.

As you plan your summer vacation, be aware that school begins on Wednesday, August 10, 2022. Some of our schools are very full and may have wait lists.

  • If your child does not attend the first three days of school, your student may lose their space at your resident school site and be diverted to another school. If there is not space at your resident school when you return, your child will be placed at the closest school based on space availability.
  • If you know your student will be missing the first three days, or more, of school please send an email to the principal and office manager/attendance staff at your student’s school site.


A-G Absence:  
Eva Bruckner 

H-O Absence:  
Nina Gellerman 


P-Z Absence: 
Jennifer Kindle 


Office hours are 7:30am to 4pm on school days.  Please report all  absences by 9:00 a.m. to be cleared before the automated phone call home at 10am. 

Please see the Student Handbook for the complete attendance policy.