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Independent Study PE

ISPE Activity Log: 
These logs are to be submitted to the coordinator at the quarter progress report, quarter report, and end of semester. Due dates are clearly stated on the log for the entire school year.


ISPE Assessment and Evaluation: 
There are two documents included. One is for the coach/instructor and one is for the student-athlete. The assessment and evaluation will be due at the end of each semester. For Semester 1, Evaluation Paperwork will be due on Monday, December 10th, and for Semester 2, Evaluation Paperwork will be due on Monday, May 20th.


Please Submit all Logs & Evaluation Paperwork to the Main Office 'ISPE' Drop-Off Box!

ISPE Documents

ISPE Activity Log 


ISPE Evaluation- Student


ISPE Evaluation- Coachh 

Due Dates

Jennifer Hamilton

MVHS ISPE Coordinator

(925) 552-2859


Kenny Kahn

MVHS Assistant Principal
(925) 552-2866