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Tech Prep for Second Semester
Posted 1/4/21

Hi Mustangs!!  As you prepare yourself to return to your classes, here are 8 tips to help you stay organized throughout the semester.  Remember, your IC class lists will be ready at 3pm Monday, January 4th.  The Counseling Team is still working to add the Support Class and making schedule corrections.   


Reset your password: All Mustangs must have a new password by January 5th, or you will be unable to join your Google Classrooms. If you don't, we will have to reset it for you. 


Check out your new Google Classrooms: Your teachers and periods may have changed, so go to your Google Classroom dashboard - all of them should be ready by the end of the day on January 4th.  Your teachers will communicate with you on the Google Stream to tell you how to access class on the first remote school day, Tuesday Jan 5.


Familiarize yourself with the new “bell” schedule:  This semester, we have a new bell schedule - your class times, lunch break, and Student Support period have all changed.


Use your Google Classroom and Google Calendar:  Here are some great tips on how to use the tools of your Google Suite to stay organized.


Download the Google Classroom App:  Whether you have an Android or an IPhone, the Google Classroom App  can provide you with notifications for upcoming assignments, tests, and projects so you'll never forget to turn in your work!


Use the MV Student Technology Guide:  When you get stuck, reach for the MV Student Technology Guide.  It has everything you need to know about the apps, programs, extensions, and websites you will use this semester.


Help your parents help you:  Share the MV Parent's Guide to Remote Learning with your parents so they can help you to work out any technological logjams!


Get help you need right away so you don’t fall behind:   
Need a Google Classroom refresher?  Click here.
Need a Chromebook or wifi hotspot?  Click here and go to "Student Device Request".
Need a reminder on where to find the tech help you need?  Click here.

Alison Perruso
Social Science Teacher, Monte Vista High School
T.S.A. for Technology & Google Certified Educator