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CSF Application due by Friday 2/1 to Rm 533
Posted 1/16/19

Students who are interested in joining or reapplying for CSF this semester must fill out the application and attach their transcript from last semester.  Print out your transcript from Campus Portal.  Submit application/transcript to RM 533 during brunch, lunch, or after school.  Please do not come in during passing period.  The application is due by Friday, February 1st


If you are a freshman and are interested in joining CSF, we will be opening up the application to you as well. In regards to the Fall 2018 Semester, all freshman that are admitted this semester (Spring 2019) will receive membership credit for the Fall 2018 Semester.


Please refer to the CSF Application for additional information about the club.  If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail us at csf.mvhs@gmail.comThanks!


CSF Spring Application