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Enroll in College Course at MV
Posted 1/15/19

Juniors and Seniors CHECK IT OUT.  Take a DVC class at MV Tues/Thurs for $7 + textbook.  Enrollment starts TODAY. 


Please see your Counselor if you have any questions. 

This course is an introduction to the modern world of e-business and e-commerce. Topics include e-business models and strategy, e-commerce platforms, multi-channel marketing and advertising, electronic payments and digital currency, security risks as well as important ethical and legal issues in e-business and e-commerce. E-business and e-commerce trends will be discussed, including peer-to-peer commerce and on-demand service models, business-to-business models, e-marketplaces, global e-business infrastructure and supply chain management, as well as the roles of social networks and mobile platforms. 


Introduction to Business is transferable to ALL  UC’s and CSU’s  BUS 109-9479:  This class is taught on the MVHS campus and runs Tues/Thurs from 3:30 - 5:00 pm starting Tues. Jan 29.  The final class is Thurs. May 23, 2019.  Cost:  $7 fee + cost of Textbook.