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Changes to ACT/SAT Testing Accommodations
Posted 12/20/18

Beginning January,  2019, SRVUSD will no longer process student requests for accommodations on the SAT or ACT.


This decision was made for a variety of reasons including the lack of space, availability of resources/proctors, and counselors’ time. Additionally, students who request and receive accommodations for school-based testing (e.g. students who test over multiple days) will not be tested at  the student’s school site. Students will still be able to request and receive accommodations on these exams. However, parents and students will now be submitting these requests directly to the  College Board (SAT) and/or ACT. Please see below for additional information and instructions.


Feel free to contact the following for assistance:  


For students with a 504, please contact the student’s counselor and for students with an IEP, please contact the student’s case manager. 


SAT Testing Accommodations Process (SAT Testing)


The College Board administers the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and Advanced Placement Exams.


Who is eligible to receive SAT testing accommodations?  

  • Student has a documented disability

  • Participation in a College Board exam is impacted

  • Requested accommodation is needed

  • Accommodation is received and currently being used on school tests


Please see SAT Eligibility for additional details.  


How can I submit a request for testing accommodations?  

    College Board SSD Program

    P.O. Box 7504

    London, KY



Please see Requesting SAT Accommodations for additional details.   Note that appropriate documentation must accompany the Student Eligibility Form (Providing Appropriate Documentation).  Hint:  Request accommodations early as it may take up to 7 weeks for approval.


How will I know if the accommodations were approved?  

All students who have approved accommodations will be sent a letter with a seven-digit SSD Eligibility Number.  This number is printed on the student’s decision and eligibility letters. Use this number when registering for the exam (Exam Registration Information).


How do I find a testing center?  

If the students would have traditionally qualified for site-based testing (e.g. testing over multiple days), call College Board at 212.713.8333 to request a testing center.  Hint:  Call early to get the best results!


ACT Testing Accommodations Process (ACT Testing)


Who is eligible to receive ACT testing accommodations?  


How can I submit a request for ACT  testing accommodations?  

  • Create or log into your ACT account (ACT Web Account Login).

  • Once you are logged in to the site, request an accommodations form.  ACT will send this to you via email.

  • Complete the form and send it to ACT along with supporting documents.

  • You will receive an email indicating whether or not the accommodations were approved or denied.

  • Once the accommodations are approved, call ACT and they will attempt to locate a testing center.