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Contact List

staff 2018 .jpg

Welcome to the Monte Vista High School Staff Page.  Monte Vista's staff includes teachers, counselors, administrators, and support personnel who are all dedicated to helping our students develop and achieve their goals.  


HOW TO REACH A TEACHER:  During the school day teachers are busy in the classroom so reaching out by email is a great solution- just click on the envelope link to the left of their name.  You can also send a school loop email message.  


HOW TO REACH A COUNSELOR:  You can call the direct phone line to speak to a Counselor.  Counselors are often in appointments with students so email is an option when their phone is busy.  


HOW TO REACH STAFF:  Each office staff member has a direct line as listed below and are also available by email.  Please click on the envelope icon next to the name.  


HOW TO REACH ADMINISTRATORS:  Each Assistant Principal is assigned to students by alpha.  Liz Pagano (A-G), Cheryl Di Grazia (H-O) and Kenny Kahn (P-Z) are available by phone or email as listed below.  Calls to the Principal's office are routed through his assistant, Jodi McFarland.  


The Monte Vista Community believes that achieving excellence is a shared responsibility involving our students, their families, our faculty, our support staff, and our school district.  Thanks for teaming together to make Monte Vista a wonderful community.  


Monte Vista High School Staff

Aberle, Amy (925) 552-2853 Resource Teacher
Abramson, Peter (925) 314-1916 Math Teacher
Ahern, Dr. Kevin (925) 552-2814 Principal
Allen, Alexander (925) 314-1928 Math Teacher
Alm, Danielle (925) 314-1995 Math Teacher/ Dept. Chair
Andrews, James (925) 314-1931 American Sign Language Teacher
Anwar, Bhupinder (925) 552-1946 Computer Teacher
Baskerville, Leah (925) 314-1961 Science Teacher
Beamish, Katelynn (925) 552-2893 Teacher
Bergman, Craig (925) 552-2843 PE Teacher
Blandino, Greg (925) 552-2868 Social Studies Teacher/ TSA Admin
Blankenburg, Lee (925) 314-1939 Math Teacher
Bock-Croghan, Debbie (925) 552-2840 Campus Monitor
Bowling, James (925) 552-2872 Social Studies Teacher
Briemle, Darren Teacher
Brix, Stacy (925) 314-1932 Health Teacher
Brooks, Stephen (925) 552-2823 English Teacher
Bruss, Meghan (925) 314-1955 Science Co-Dept. Chair
Byers, Christina Staff
Byers, Christina (925) 552-2842 Counselor
Carlson, Beth (925) 314-1900 English Teacher
Carson, Lori (925) 314-1920 Spanish Teacher
Chemaly, Nancy (925) 314-1956 Science Teacher
Chrzanowski, Anastasia Teacher
Claytor-Johnson, Tracy Campus Monitor
Cloyd, Edward (925) 552-2822 Instrumental Music Teacher
Cohn, Sara Teacher
Coleman, Sarah (925) 552-2831 School Nurse
Communications, SRVUSD Sys Admin
Connor, Chris (925) 552-2850 Drama Teacher
Connors, Anne Teacher
Correa, Nicole (925) 552-2856 Resource Teacher
Cosca, Paul (925) 552-2894 Social Studies Teacher
Costello, Cheryl (925) 314-1961 Science Teacher
Crawford, Paige (925) 552-2885 English Teacher
Crowe, Dylan Staff
Cummins, Shelley (925) 552-2867 Social Studies Teacher
Dashiell, Carolyn (925) 314-1904 Child Care Teacher
Delaney, Brooke Teacher
Di Grazia, Cheryl Assistant Principal
Dolim, Emily (925) 552-2827 English Teacher
Dowling, Pat (925) 314-1900 English Teacher
Drummond, Jennie (925) 552-2846 Art Teacher
Estevez, Soraya (925) 314-1912 Spanish Teacher
Fabel, Dolores (925) 552-2813 Librarian
Fellers, Linda (925) 314-1921 Spanish Teacher
Fernandez, Lynn (925) 552-1913 Spanish Teacher
Franco, Danielle (925) 314-1909 Spanish Teacher
Frumenti, Alicia (925) 314-1948 Resource Teacher
Geernaert, Chad (925) 552-2869 Social Studies Teacher
Gellerman, Nina (925) 552-2806 Attendance Secty (all day)
Getty, Scott (925) 314-1958 Science Teacher
Gilcrist, Ms (925) 314-1957 Science Teacher
Gilles, Kimberley (925) 552-2898 English Teacher
Gilmour, Jessica Staff
Giovanola, Heather (925) 552-2821 English Teacher
Gorski, Genny (925) 314-1902 Copy Clerk
Greenless, Tommy (925) 552-2892 Health Teacher
Griffin, Nikki (925) 314-1960 Science Teacher
Guerridos, Deysi Staff
Haas, Adam Staff
Haberl, Cathy (925) 552-2889 College & Career Advisor
Hall, Jennifer Math Teacher
Hamilton, Jennifer (925) 552-2859 Resource Teacher
Hammond-Utter, Christa (925) 552-2891 Psychologist
Hammond-Utter, Christa Teacher
Hanoian, Ani (925) 314-1962 Science Teacher
Henehan, Gina (925) 552-2875 Social Studies Teacher
Henry, Floyd (925) 552-2894 Social Studies Teacher
Hopfenspirger, Dee Teacher
Huff, Stephanie Staff
Iglesias, Connie (925) 552-2803 Staff
Ireland, Solomon (925) 552-2882 English Teacher
Isbell, Sandra (925) 314-1918 Spanish Teacher
Jarrett, Dana (925) 314-1950 School Psychologist
Jensen, Bryan (925) 314-1953 Science Teacher
Johnson, Rachael (925) 552-2877 English Teacher
Johnson, Rodger (925) 314-1993 Science Teacher
Jones, Nick (925) 552-2893 Social Studies Teacher
Kahn, Kenneth Assistant Principal P-2
Kaur, Simerjit Teacher
Kendall, Natalie (925) 314-1943 Math and PE Teacher
Kent, Lindsay (925) 314-1935 Math Teacher
Kerr, Aimee (925) 314-1930 Math Teacher
Kettenstock, Wendy ex.314-1948 Special Ed Para
Kindle, Jennifer (925) 552-2817 Attendance Clerk (K-Z)
Kindley, Jeffrey (925) 314-1929 Math Teacher Studies
Kither, Jordan (925) 552-2899 Social Studies/SAL Teacher
Kral, Ryan Teacher
Lamp, Marilena Teacher
Laurence, Jessica Teacher
Le Bouder, Magali Teacher
Leadingham, Carrie (925) 552-2882 English Teacher
Long, Gavin (925) 552-2849 English Teacher
Lum, Christopher (925) 314-1975 PE Yoga Teacher
Matley, David (925) 314-1901 Speech & Debate Teacher
Mattia-Varon, Cara (925) 314-1933 Math Teacher
McElhattan, Annemarie Teacher
McFarland, Jodi (925) 552-2814 Office Manager
Mello, Julie (925) 314-1951 Sports Medicine Teacher
Miloslavich, Natalie (925) 314-1973 PE Teacher
Mincy, Janelle (925) 552-2837 Counselor (D-I)
Mincy, Janelle Teacher
Nash, Marjie (925) 552-2890 Attendance Clerk (A-J)
Nelson, Brendan (925) 552-2883 English Teacher
Nevis, Julie (925) 314-1960 Teacher
Nino, Michelle (925) 552-2802 Counselor Tech
Nino, Michelle Staff
Nishimoto, Noriko Teacher
Olson, Katherine (925) 552-2886 English Teacher
Pagano, Liz (925) 552-2808 Assistant Principal (A-G)
Pang, Wilson (925) 314-1938 Math Teacher
Pena, Anthony (925) 314-1940 Math Teacher/ Dept. Chair
Perez, Dan Teacher
Perruso, Alison (925) 552-2895 History Teacher
Philapil, Keith (925) 314-1941 Math Teacher
Phillips, Jackie ex.925 314-1923 Textbook Clerk & Library Coordinator
Popper, Andy (925) 314-1970 Athletic Director
Powers, Bill (925) 552-2861 Social Studies Teacher
Radosevich, Jeff SDC CE Para
Rakestraw, David Teacher
Reed, Jodi (925) 552-2836 Vocal Music Teacher
Rogers, Brook (925) 314-1972 PE Teacher
Rossi, James (925) 552-2873 Social Studies Teacher/ Dept. Chair
Roth, Kitty (925) 552-2858 Child Nutrition Supervisor
Saca, Kathy (925) 552-2862 Resource Teacher/ Dept. Chair
Sass, Allison (925) 314-1919 French Teacher
Schikora, Jen Sys Admin
Schikora, Jennifer (925) 552-2815 Counseling Secretary- Naviance
Seidenverg, Jill (925) 314-1908 Social Science Teacher
Sevin, Cynthia Teacher
Sexton, Kristine (925) 552-2896 Social Studies Teacher
Shepard, Ric Campus Monitor
Sherrod, Sheryl SPED CE Para
Shotwell, Allen (925) 314-1949 Science Teacher
Sirota, Sarah (925) 552-2816 Registrar & Enrollment
Sirota, Sarah Sys Admin
Slipka, Heather (925) 552-2888 English Teacher
Solomon, David (925) 552-2864 Counselor Me-Sa
Soucy, Timothy (925) 552-2848 Photo & 3D Teacher
Spilker, Yvonne (925) 314-1937 Math Teacher
Stailey, Janine Staff
Stewart, Dow (925) 314-1927 Math Teacher
Swenson, Liane Staff
Tantoco, Orlando (925) 552-2818 Lead Custodian
Taylor, Brady (925) 314-1956 Science Teacher
Tria, Cynthia (925) 314-1922 Spanish Teacher
Trisko, Melissa (925) 314-1965 Social Studies Teacher
Tuggle, Oliver (925) 314-1954 Science Teacher
Urquhart, Karen Staff
User, API Sys Admin
Utchen, Jenyth (925) 552-2820 English Teacher
Vergara, George (925) 552-2851 Computer Support
Virdee, Kanwal Teacher
Watson, Chris (925) 552-2863 Counseling Secretary- Volunteers & Visitors
Watson, Chris Sys Admin
Wiest, Rebecca (925) 552-2824 Counselor (Sc-Z)
Zhebel, Mrs Teacher
Zuschneid, Carol Sys Admin

Non-Discrimination Statement

San Ramon Valley Unified School District programs, activities, and practices shall be free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying based on actual or perceived race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or gender expression; or on the basis of a person’s association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.

Report a Concern