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Attendance Info for Parents

Parents, when your student is absent you must call with 48 hours to clear their absence.  After 48 hours the absence will be treated an illegal absence and will go on your students record as such.  To correct an absence the student should come in to the Attendance Office to clear it.  



Our attendance numbers have changed!  Please change your records at home and on your phone!  The new numbers are as follows - 

A - G partial and all day - 925-552-2890

H - O partial and all day - 925-552-2806

P - Z  partial and all day - 925-552-2817


Students and their parents are responsible for individual attendance.  Parents should be aware of the revenue loss to the district due to prolonged or frequent absences. Parents and students should be aware of the attendance policy and adhere to the rules and regulations of it. Students shall attend and be punctual to all classes and activities to which they are assigned. Regular attendance and classroom participation are essential to a good education. If a student does not attend class and has not received teacher approval to be working elsewhere, the absence is considered a cut. It is the responsibility of the parent to verify all absences. Verification must be made for individual periods prior to leaving. Notes to clear absences are not accepted.
Please adhere to the following for partial day absences:
1. Parent or Guardian only should call Attendance Office on morning of absence to verify that day’s absence
2. Give the date and periods absent.
3. Give student’s first and last name.
4. Give reason for absence.
5. Give identification of the caller.
6. Student must sign in/out in the Attendance Office .
Students leaving during the school day must have parent/guardian approval prior to leaving. Students must sign out with an attendance secretary and receive a pass to leave campus. Failure to follow this procedure will result in a cut from class. NOTE: 1) Monte Vista High School is a closed campus per SRVUSD Board Policy and therefore students MAY NOT leave campus during lunchtime 2) A doctor’s note is required as proof of absence for a medical appointment.
All Absences, Partial or Full Day, Must Be Cleared within 48 Hours of Return to School or They Will Automatically be Considered a Cut
Legal Absences
1. Illness
2. Medical Appointments (with a note from Doctor office)
3. Funeral Services (Immediate Family)
4. Approved, school-related activities
5. Court Appearances (with a note from the Court)
6. Observation of Religious Holiday
7. Employment conference requested by a parent/guardian
8. Family emergency
9. Pre-Informed Absences (5 days or more with completed contract)
10.  College visits/tours with a note 
Students should work in concert with their teachers to complete all make-up work with-in a timely and reasonable manner, commensurate with the length of their absence.
Trips or other anticipated absences may be issued a pre-informed contract signed by the parent and teachers and returned to the attendance office.  Independent Study is not available for more than ten consecutive school days without approval from an administrator. Independent study contracts must be picked up in the attendance office and given to the teacher 5 days prior to a planned absence of 5 or more days. If the contract is not completed with assignments in the time allocated, the absence will be unexcused.
1. Cutting/leaving class without permission.
2. Forged phone call or no phone call from parent prior to student leaving campus.
3. Failure to sign in or out of school prior to leaving campus.
4. Failure to clear absence within 48 hours of returning to school.
Unexcused Absences include:
Personal (car trouble, overslept, etc) or family necessity. Repeated offenses may require a parent contact.
No make-up of class work is allowed for these reasons.
In addition to the following “drop” procedure students can receive disciplinary action due to cutting classes including work detail, Saturday School, and suspension. This policy is in effect for each semester.
Home Teaching: Is available for extended illnesses. Contact the attendance secretary at 552-2817.
  1. Parent Contacted by Teacher
  2. Parent Contact/Conference
  3. Possible loss of credit
Students are expected to be present in the classroom when the bell rings.  An unexcused tardy is defined as being late to class without written notification from a staff member, and cannot be cleared.  This policy is in effect for each semester. 
  1. Verbal Warning by Teacher
  2. Verbal Warning by Teacher
  3. Written Notice to Student/Parent by Teacher
  4. Monday School
  5. Monday School
  6. Suspension/Parent Contact/Contract Established