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Posted 3/6/18

March 5 – 9 AP tests will be available for sale to Monte Vista students only.


March 10  AP test purchases will be open to other SRVUSD high school students, as availability allows.  AP exam purchase is available to SRVUSD high school students only.


March 13   Purchases of AP Seminar and Computer Science Principles (APCOMPSCPRIN) close.


March 23  All AP test sales close.


AP exams will not be available for students from other SRVUSD high schools whose schools offer the corresponding course.


AP Chinese and AP Japanese:

There will be 23 seats each for the regular testing session, and 23 seats each for the late testing session. Monte Vista High students will have first priority of purchase. Seating for other District students will be approved according to date of purchase.


SRVUSD AP Chinese and AP Japanese test purchasers will be notified of which testing session, regular or late, that they will be attending after Spring Break, as well as the time and location.


Students must bring their student photo IDs on the day of testing as well as their AP Number Packets if they have purchased other exams at their own schools.


If you have problems with the AP test purchasing website, please email Kenny Kahn at; Mr. Kahn will be returning to MV on 3/15 and will respond to you at that time.